Iodine – the first line of defense of breast cancers

Prevention is the best medicine. In the words of the US surgeon Donald Miller Yr, women with cancer of the breast in their organism in most cases had a marked iodine deficiency.

Scientists have proven that iodine is essential for the health of the mammary glands, i.e. Of women’s breasts. Namely, women who develop this type of cancer have increased estrogen and a low level of progesterone in the breast tissue. It’s precisely iodine and thyroid hormones that regulate the estrogen level, so this reduces the risk of this disease.

We must not forget that preventive examinations are necessary in the prevention of breast cancer. Fortunately, the required amount of iodine on a daily basis can easily be reimbursed through food and beverages.

The daily need of an adult is about 150 micro-grams, of children around 130, and 300 micro-grams of iodine are recommended for pregnant women. The richest foods with iodine are marine algae and fruits, less in vegetables and dairy products, and it has in our mineral water rich in naturally dissolved iodine.